PW-BIO+ outhouse and dry toilet with waste separation

The complete PW-BIO+ outhouse package is a sure solution for a holiday home or cottage. The outhouse has a flat floor and a hinged hatch on the side. The package is delivered as elements, making the outhouse easy to transport and assemble. To help extend the outhouse’s lifetime, raise the structure above ground level using construction aggregate or concrete blocks, for example.

The outhouse is spacious, with a ridge height of 235 cm and outside dimensions of 150 x 130 cm. The structure is tailor-made for the PW-BIO dry toilet.

The package includes a PW-BIO+ dry toilet with waste separation. Read more about this below.

Delivery contents

The outhouse package is delivered as elements. It includes the following:

  • Wooden elements, door with a window, door furniture door latch
  • PW-BIO dry toilet with waste separation: seat, pail and other required parts.
  • Assembly instructions

The outhouse is assembled using screws or nails (not included). The wooden elements are untreated: coating material and surface treatment not included.

Package dimensions: 240 cm x 160 cm x 120 cm, weight: approx. 190 kg.


This spacious outhouse can be painted any colour to complement other buildings

PW-BIO+ dry toilet with waste separation

The PW-BIO+ dry toilet is a practical, easy-to-use solution that requires no water or electricity.

The toilet separates dry and solid waste and has great odour control. Its composting qualities are effective and it is easy to assemble and effortless to empty.

Both the ventilation duct and the adjustable-length flexible fluid pipe can be installed either on the right side or left side.

PW-BIO+ delivery contents:

  • Frame with a seat and lid
  • Pail and lid for solid waste (22 litres)
  • Fluid pipe (32 mm in diameter) and fasteners
  • Ventilation duct (1 m in length, 75 mm in diameter)
  • Back panel

Frame height 500 mm, width 620 mm and depth 580 mm, weight approx. 10 kg.

You can extend the lifetime of the dry toilet by replacing the seat when it becomes too worn. Instructions are available at the bottom of this page.

Read more about PW-BIO+ outhouse and dry toilet (In Finnish)

Extend the lifetime of the toilet with a changeable seat

1. Drill a hole for a jigsaw.

2. Use the jigsaw to cut off the changeable seat section.

3. Attach the new seat.