Self-assembled PASSELI pier with rolling ROLLERI pontoons

Our DIY piers are delivered in parts, making them easy to transport and assemble also in difficult terrain.

Passeli pier is a complete package for a cottage by the water! A unique rolling pier that is very light to take in and out of water.

Product information

  • Large deck size:400 x 240 cm
  • Bridge length: choose between 300 cm or 400 cm
  • Bridge width: 123 cm
  • Bearing capacity: approx. 1200 kg
  • The deck is made of pressure-treated wood.
  • The pontoons are made of polyethylene and are resistant to impacts, freezing temperatures and UV radiation.
  • Manufactured using rotational moulding – no welding seams.
  • The metal parts are made of stainless steel.
  • The pier package includes all the required fastening and sealing parts.
  • All our piers are delivered in parts and are self-assembled.

The pier is held afloat by five ROLLERI Mini rolling pontoons: four under the deck and one under the bridge. The ROLLERI Mini pontoons are 100 cm long and 60 cm in diameter. The rolling pontoons are attached with tailor-made brackets, which make them easy to move.

Please note: Tighten the breather screws on the pontoons before lowering them in the water.