We are committed to quality and environmental management systems

In developing the quality, safety, health and environmental aspects of our work, our company adheres to the principle of continuous improvement.

Plastweld uses the certified quality and environmental management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our production methods are environmentally friendly and both our raw materials and finished products are recyclable. We take environmental impact of our production and customer expectations into account in all our work. If you wish to learn more about our operational policies on quality and the environment, please contact our office.

Our main goals:

  • Environmentally friendly production processes
  • Minimised waste generation
  • Use of recycled plastic
  • Knowledge of customer expectations and needs and corresponding operating processes
  • High customer satisfaction
  • High quality of products and operations in accordance with quality standards

Our quality certificates:

The Rinki trademark is a sign of a responsible company

The Finnish Rinki trademark indicates that a company is responsible and bears its producer responsibility.