Self-assembled pier with a steel frame, UKKO


A sturdier pier than this is hard to find! Manufactured in Tervajoki, Finland, this pier is extremely strong and steady; made of galvanised steel and Finnish pressure-treated wood. The deck has three modules and the bridge two modules. The size of one module is

123 cm x 240 cm. Our piers are self-assembled.

The pier is held afloat by six rolling pontoons (ROLLERI), which make it easy to pull the pier out of water, for example for winter storage. The pier has four pontoons under the deck and two under the bridge. The pontoons, 100 cm long and 60 cm in diameter, are attached with stainless steel brackets.

  • Deck size: length 240 cm, width 370 cm
  • Bridge length: approx. 480 cm (2 x 240 cm)
  • Full length of pier assembled as in the photo: 725 cm x 370 cm
  • Bearing capacity: approx. 1200 kg
  • Weight of steel frame: approx. 235 kg

Our DIY piers are delivered in parts, making them easy to transport and assemble also in difficult terrain. The pier is delivered on a pallet (240cm x 120 cm).

All our piers are made in Finland and are marked with Key Flag Symbol.

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