PW-SPA Freetime IN hot tub


The PW-SPA Freetime IN hot tub is Finnish design at its finest, combining elegance and efficiency. The stove is integrated inside the tub to save space and ensure that all the heat from the stove is released into the water. The stove door has a glass window that allows you to enjoy the fire and makes it easy to monitor burning. With a 170 cm diameter, this tub is suitable for 4–6 persons at a time.

The plastic pool is durable and easy to keep clean. The PW-SPA Freetime IN comes with a durable cover that makes the heating of the water more efficient and a chimney safety cover that makes the tub safer to use.

Our PW-SPA hot tubs have a sturdy base, making installation particularly easy. A layer of gravel is enough as a foundation, but you can also install the hot tub on some concrete slabs. Thanks to its compact size, the PW-SPA Freetime IN is also easy to integrate into a terrace. To ensure that everything will go smoothly, please read the installation and operating instructionscarefully when you are planning to buy a hot tub.

You can complement your bathing experience with a wide range of accessories, including stairs or drink holders.

Make the most of your bathing experience with the PW-SPA Freetime IN hot tub!

  • Stove integrated inside the hot tub
  • Cover always included
  • For 4–6 persons
  • 170 cm diameter, height 110 cm
  • Water volume 1330 litres (1100 l when bathing)
  • 30 kW stove made of marine-grade aluminium, with a window in the door
  • Key Flag Symbol – Made in Finland!

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Walnut brown

Interior: black granite or granite


Walnut brown