PW-Spa is guaranteed to offer you an excellent bathing experience!

We have designed hot tubs for years especially for four seasons and to be used for the whole year around.

  • We manufacture our products in our factory in Tervajoki, Finland
  • All our products are marked with Key Flag Symbol – Made in Finland!
  • Hot tubs are designed for 4-10 people depending on a model.
  • The interior of the hot tub is made of an easy-to-maintain, hygienic and durable PE plastic
  • The high-quality wooden exterior siding is 28 mm Finnish pruce or pine
  • Our stoves are made of marine-grade aluminium and you can use both fresh and sea water.
  • Available in different sizes, colours and models

Enjoy your bathing experience!

Our new PW-SPA hot tub lines

PW-Spa Basic line



Basic line makes bathing easy! If you need just a basic pool and stove, this is perfect option for you. All hot tubs in our Basic line comes with 25 kW stove with a windowless door.

Basic line has hot tub models for 4-6 or 6-8 persons depending on a model.

You can always complement the bathing experience with a wide range of accessories, including a cover, stairs or drink holders.

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PW-Spa Classic line

The PW-Spa Classic line includes all our favourite models!

The glass window in the stove door allows you to enjoy the fire and monitor burning. Our 30 kW stoves are efficient and are suitable also in colder weather.

All hot tubs in the Classic line comes with a durable cover.

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PW-Spa Freetime line


In the Freetime line you can find all our most luxorious models. Freetime hot tubs are well-equipped and they come with durable cover. All the models have the glass window in the stove door so you can enjoy your flaming fire in the hot tub.

Freetime IN model represent Finnish design at its finest, when the stove is integrated inside the tub. Freetime Family model is perfect for families with small children when there is step inside the pool where the smaller ones can sit on while bathing.

You can find both models Freetime IN and Freetime Family in three different sizes; ø170 cm, ø180 cm and ø200 cm. The biggest hot tub models (XL) are the perfect choice when you want to enjoy time in the hot tub with large group of people!

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Hot tubs divided by size

4-6 persons

Hot tubs, diameter 170 cm:

Hot tub with integrated stove, diameter 170 cm:

Hot tub with inner step, diameter 170 cm:

6-8 persons

Hot tubs, diameter 180 cm:

Hot tub with integrated stove, diameter 180 cm:

Hot tub with inner step, diameter 180 cm:

8-10 persons

Hot tubs, diameter 200 cm:

Hot tub with integrated stove, diameter 200 cm:

Hot tub with inner step, diameter 200 cm: